It is no wonder if you feel that wedding dress is the most expensive cloth you have ever purchased so far in your life. After spending a lot of money and time, you have picked the best piece and won hearts of many future brides. But it is not fair if you are giving it a rough treatment by placing it in one corner of your wardrobe. Just remember, mold, dirt and other contaminants may spoil the beautiful memories of your wedding dress if you do not keep it in a proper manner. To keep your wedding dress spotless for generations to come, it is necessary to keep it in wedding dress garment bags purchased at wholesale rate from online stores.

Purchasing any kind of wedding garment bag is not a safe bet. For maintaining the shape, fabric and color of expensive wedding dress, it is necessary to pay extra attention towards its material. Many brides think that plastic bags are good options to store wedding dress for a long time. But it is a myth. The plastic bags may provide adequate protection against dirt and spills but they may change the color of your gown if it is stored for a long duration. Many plastic bags trap moisture and any moisture on the gown may cause the growth of mildew. Thus, it is advisable to purchase wholesale wedding dress garment bags of breathable material to maintain the expensive dress in a wearable condition. There are many other related tips, which keep your dress in a good condition if followed religiously.

Important Storage Tips of Wedding Dress

Climate Plays an Important Role: It is understandable that your wedding gown is bulky and requires a lot of storage space but that does not mean you can store it in a basement or attics. A basement is one area that is prone to flooding and air may be musty, and attics are too hot to store clothes. A general rule is clothes need not to store in those places, which experience extreme temperature and humidity changes. Both these factors may spoil the beautiful look of your gown by paving the way to mildew formation. Thus, try to keep the wedding dress in a garment bag and store in a spare closet where humidity and temperature do not fluctuate. Cool, dark and dry places are the best places in a house to keep any expensive line of clothing. Need not to mention, the dresses need to keep away from the sunlight.

Take out when Necessary: It is natural that you want to flaunt your expensive wedding gown to your friends and family members and keep taking it every other day after wedding. But remember, the chances of oil marks and staining increase with unpacking of wedding dress from garment bags purchased at wholesale prices. If your friends insist to wear it, make sure to remove your makeup and deodorant as these are two culprits leave permanent stains on the wedding dress, sometimes.

Make your Dress Wrinkle-free: If you are planning to wear your wedding dress after a long time, remove it carefully from the garment bag. Hang the dress at high places in a silk padded hanger so that creases and wrinkles go away. If wrinkles are still troubling you, consider a steam press from your local dry cleaner.

Transport it Safely: If you need to attend a destination wedding, transport the dress in a garment bag made from high-grade material. Check the fabric and make sure it is water and stain-resistant. Give an equal attention to the weight as it will become heavy after putting wedding gown. You cannot change the weight of dress so play smartly by purchasing Wholesale Wedding Dress Garment Bags of lightweight yet durable material.

Open Garment bags with caution: Follow extreme cautious attitude while opening and handling your wedding dress. Since the human body produces natural oils, therefore always wash your hands before handling the wedding dress. Make sure you are wearing any make-up or nail polish while wearing it. The make-up products leave a stain on the dress and spoil its entire look.

Follow these tips and keep your wedding dress in a stain-free and wrinkle-free condition for years and years. For purchasing high quality and colourful wedding dress garment bags at wholesale rates, you can go for an online shopping.