In the retail world, if any apparel store is able to highlight its merchandise in a unique manner, it is a big achievement. To achieve it, a store owner needs to invest money in different styles of store fixtures. All fixtures are placed inside a store and a customer sees them only when he visits it. So, it is necessary to place display fixtures either outside or at the entrance of a store so that even passers-by can view merchandise and feel like checking a collection. This is where the art of Retail Display Mannequins come into a play.

Mannequins are dummy models of a human being. Many stores use mannequins and body forms interchangeably but there is a slight difference between the two. The mannequins are head-to-toe structure whereas body forms include face and neck part, upper body part, lower body part, etc. Purchasing mannequins and body forms at wholesale prices for displaying new arrivals is a sure-fire recipe of attracting customers’ attention.

Now, let’s understand that why retail stores are heavily investing in mannequins and how they help in increasing the sale of a store. Mannequins act as a silent salesperson giving a clear cut idea to a shopper how a particular apparel will look on him. These retail fixtures act as intermediaries between customers and merchandise and communicate a lot about the cloth, brand and store without any verbal communication. Some other advantages are:

  1. Customers Relate with Merchandise: Do you really think that simply by putting a cloth in a rack or a hanger will fascinate customers? The answer is No. It is also not possible to display the entire collection on mannequins. So, the mid way is displaying one style of any apparel on merchandise so that customers can imagine in a real-time how it will look to a human body. Due to this reason, they are referred as silent salesman allowing customers to relate with merchandise in a better manner.
  2. Easy to Display Multiple Items Simultaneously: The USP of mannequins in retail displaying is they can display anything which a store owner wants. Whether you want to highlight a new trousers’ collection or spring t-shirts’ collection, full-body mannequins solve all purposes. If you want to display a smart neck piece and goggles, body forms will do your work. Many store owners display the entire new collection on one mannequin like hats, clothes, watches, footwear, etc. In this sense, it is regarded as a space-efficient display technique.
  3. A Perfect Guide for a Shopper: It happens that customers plan to purchase only a trouser and shirt but they end up buying related merchandise like tie, belt, etc., when they see these accessories on mannequin or in surrounding areas. If a shopper likes the merchandise displayed on wholesale mannequin or body form, he immediately walks close to it, look at it and surrounding areas cautiously to pick the best piece.
  4. Inexpensive Displaying: You might find it surprising that retailers always look for those display fixtures that offer a great shopping experience to customers without burning a big hole in their pockets. And for them, nothing works better than mannequin. The size and style of mannequin may vary but overall it can fit into any retail budget easily.

So, it is easy to conclude that it is important to woo the eye senses of customers to make them purchase a product. This can be done efficiently with effective visual merchandising techniques. Using wholesale mannequin and body forms is one of the most effective merchandising strategies that will always deliver the praise-worthy results. If you are looking for the right kind and different styles of mannequins and body forms at a wholesale price, check out the online collection of Canada based retail stores. These stores offer full head-to-toe mannequin as well as stand-alone mannequin parts like neck, arms, legs, hands, etc. for displaying clothing and jewelry. Simply disclose them your requirement and they will help you in choosing the right model as per your store requirement and within your budget.