Cash Wrap Register Counters

Quality built value packed 3/4" mdf melamine laminate finish retail store cash wrap display sales counters in maple, black and white for transaction settlements. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Cash Wrap Counters

Cash wrap counters accommodate well in all kinds of retail environment. Whether a store offers grocery items or apparel, cash wrap counters are essential as these are the billing counters. Simultaneously, these counters help in increasing sales of a store by showcasing merchandise which appeals to customers instantly. At Garment Bags USA, we have been supplying a wide range and styles of cash wrap register counters that meet every store’s needs and budget. Our size and design are perfect for supermarket or medium-sized clothing or grocery store. So, browse our extensive collection to place an online order.

Kick Start Conversation at Cash Wrap Counters

It is not wrong to say that these counters are interaction counters. Customers spend considerable time while standing in a queue. He actually waits for his billing time and observes all other things strategically placed nearby the counters. Here comes the role of merchandise placed on these counters. In the retail environment, small-sized but high margin products help in increasing sales and revenue of a business. When these items placed upon the counters, customers instantly notice and pick them.  This eventually increases the sales of a store at the last moment.

The counters are equally important for employers to create sales enclosure in the peaceful manner. The sales staff need cash registers, wrapping papers, computers, etc., during the billing and thus, placed all these items on the counters. Our cash wrap register counters balance the need of both customer and retailer. They are functional, spacious and are available at affordable rates.

Showcase your Products in Style

We have been offering the cash wells or counters imparting an impressive look owing to the natural wood finishing. The quality material and the graceful finishing make our collection distinct. The endless choices exist with regard to style and size. Many U-shaped counters feature tempered glass cabinets with a provision of LED lighting. These lights highlight the merchandise like beauty supplies, jewelry, etc., and immediately lure customers’ attention. Many counters come with built-in storage cabinets and drawers well-fitted with anti-tamper locking mechanism. These cabinets are spacious and use for storing packing supplies, personal belongings of customers, etc.

Available in three attractive colors- white, black and brown, the retailers can even place an order for a customized piece. They only need to share the specifications and we will offer tailor-made cash counters at the most competitive rates in the shortest possible time frame.

Select the Right Size for Better Shopping Experience

A right size of the counter can make or break your sales of a store. If a customer is not purchasing any item placed on the counters, it means a loss of sales. Moreover, even if customer is not able to stand comfortably during the billing due to the lack of space, it also implies loss of sale. Thus, it is important to choose the right size of cash wrap counters for your retail store.

We offer these counters in three sizes- single line, L-shaped and U-shaped. The single line store is suitable for small retail stores whereas supermarkets rely on U-shaped. Place the counters strategically so that they do not act as a deterrent factor in customer’s shopping experience. Similarly, place them a few inches away from the wall so that employers get enough space to do billing and related activities like packing supplies, etc. If you are purchasing these counters for the first time and cannot make out which style to buy, speak to our expert team. They will help you in choosing the best model falling within your budget.

Benefits of Purchasing from Garment Bags USA

We are one of the leading suppliers of retail store fixtures in the USA. When retailer purchases cash wrap register counter from our store, he will experience the following benefits:

  • Exclusivity of design as we deal with counters made from premium quality of oak and maple having laminate top.
  • Retailers can even shortlist the counters on curved and straight surfaces. They can even filter their choice based on numbers of in-built storage cabinet, placement of LED lighting, etc.
  • We offer fast doorstep delivery.
  • The two and three unit counters are easy to assemble.
  • Our counters are available at the most competitive rates.
  • Customer-friendly return and exchange policy.

So, check out our premium range of cash wrap counters and showcase your best merchandise in the most organized manner for increased sale.