Heavy Duty Z Rolling Racks

Z Racks are the industry standard for heavy weight commercial use in retail stores, dry cleaners, hospitals and schools. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Heavy Duty Z Rolling Racks

Are you looking for some commercial grade rolling hanging bars to hang your clothing on? Well, your search ends here! At Garment Bags USA, we have in our inventory high-quality metal construction and smart design heavy duty Z rolling racks, that are superior to those flimsy alternatives. That’s why you’ll find our products in commercial stores, in laundries, holding a dozen of heavy material clothing, as well as dozens of other uses. You’ll also find our commercial grade Z bar rolling racks them in home closets and basements, providing storage for extra or out-of-season clothes.


The "Z" shape of these rollingracks allows them to be located into another unit, thus making up more floor space. Thedurability of our heavy duty Z rolling racks makes them a clear choice for everyone and anyone who needs tostore large quantities of hanging garments.

How to Use Rolling Racks

Garments racks are typically rolling hanging bars designed to hang your clothing on. They have been designed to store clothing in theretail stores, but you can probably use them in many ways as per your convenience. 

The latest trend is for boutique stores to display their product range on rolling racks. This gives their store a classic feel of ever changing style. Garment racks are mobile, thus it makes it easy to rearrange your store product to flaunt the new arrivals and cut down cluttered areas around the store. It also makes it easy to display and your clientele feelthat the clothes hung are from the latest collection. This may sound strange, but it is true. You can give it a try by putting out some clothing on a rolling garment rack and watch your customers be drawn to it. They think that this must be the latest arrival and they want to be the first to buy it.

You can find another usage of heavy duty Z rolling racks is in your home. They are very useful in the laundry area. You can make the most out of this by hanging your clothes on the hangerswithout instantly having to take them to a closet. You can use the rack to steam your clothes, hang quilts, blankets,comforters and drapes to dry. You can even take it outside in the sun to dryheavier items without making a mess of clothes over a railing or other outdoor fixture.

Besides used in commercial stores, rolling racks can also be used to clear out clutter in your closets. If your wardrobe has not enough space for all seasons of clothes, you can hang out those clothing on a garment rack and store it in backside, on garage, basement or extra bedroom. Clothes will remain intact and free fromwrinkles that come from conventional box storage not to mention easy to get to, when the next season comes.

So, when you get Commercial Grade Z Bar Rolling Racks from Garment Bags USA, it becomes easier for you to manage your clothing at home or even increase sales at business. Just hang your items on hangers,and then place it for an easy display. All you need to do is to stock up on good quality hangers and the rest of the thing will be ready.

Type of Rolling Racks You Need

Before you get a rolling rack, determine the type of inventory you will be selling, and then decide how many units of product willbe displayed on your store fixtures at once. Once you have considered these points, and thendetermine the total square footage of your retail space. From there, you can calculate the maximum dimensions of the display fixtures that you can buy. Remember rolling racks are the most important part of your retail display. When it comes to purchase racks, there are many types to choose from in the industry. There aresingle bar and double bar racks, two way, three way, and four way racks. You also find various styles of racks like- chrome, boutique, vintage and wooden racks to choose from. Chrome racks areone of the best to be found in most retail stores, this is due to their unique feature and ability to match any stores décor. If you want a customized look or want to give a more personal touch you should look into the boutique collection for a more elegant look.

Strong, Durable Garment Racks from Garment Bags USA

Our garment rackscome with a variety of options and unique features to expand their usefulness. Large rubber wheels and robust metal casters make it more durable and allow you to move heavy racks of garments easily and safely.For more information of the product, please contact us. We are here to help you choose the best rolling racks for your home or business.