Poly Roll Garment Bags

Poly garment bags in standard lengths with easy tear off. Logo printing available with minimum order of 25 rolls . Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Poly Garment Bag Rolls

Plastic garments bag rolls help in keeping clothes free from damages, creases and pungent smell. Used for keeping different kinds of clothes of adults and children, we have been offering poly garment bag rolls made with low-density polyethylene and with various thicknesses. These bag rolls have slit holes for placement of hangers and have sloped shoulders. These bags are ideal for keeping any garment in neat and clean conditions for an extended time. Available in various sizes, customers can use these bags for placing blouses, large suits, shirts, dresses and any other dress material of their choices.

Garments Bags USA understands that people always look for such bags that keep their even seasonal clothes like sweaters, hoodies and full-length coats in a wrinkle-free condition till the next usage. That’s why we have been displaying such kinds of garment bag rolls that can accommodate almost any clothing of any season. Some of the salient features of our poly garment bag rolls are:

  • They accommodate all kinds of garments of adults and kids of all seasons. Saris, woolens and pants are some of the common choices.
  • They keep clothes in an immaculate condition by safeguarding their overall look during movement and travelling to long distances by reducing the risk of snagging.
  • The bag rolls are air permeable, moisture and water-resistant.
  • They feature straight or sloped shoulders along with slit holes for easy placement of hangers
  • The bags are strategically designed to keep clothes fresh, wrinkle-free and in an organized manner.
  • For easy dispensing, they are packed on a perforated roll.
  • They are made from low-density polyethylene with thickness level lying like 0.35 mil bags, 0.6 mil bags, 0.75 mil bags and so on.
  • These bags come with a suffocation warning printed on them.
  • They are easy to customize with printing needs.
  • The bag rolls are easily available in clear colors with customization options of other film colors.
  • They keep clothes safe during transportation and in adverse weather conditions.
  • The lightweight plastic garment bag rolls are easy to carry during transportation.
  • Some of the standard sizes are 21’’*4’’*38’’, 21’’*4’’*54’’, 21’’*4’’*72’’.
  • Depending upon the size of bag rolls, the number of bags and prices per roll vary.

Extensive Commercial Usage of Poly Garment Bag Rolls

The garment bag rolls come in almost all sizes as these rolls are extensively used for commercial purposes like retail stores, dry cleaners, laundry services and any other apparel store for displaying their garments in exhibitions and stores, etc. As we deal in some of the best quality of garment bag rolls, therefore we get multiple requests of bag rolls from different industries for different purposes. We feel pride in sharing every time we get the request; we are competent to fulfill it at the rates quoted by our customers.

We are also supplying highly customized poly garment bag rolls and assisting USA based customers with logo and graphic printing solutions tailor-made to their needs. If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive promotional item for increasing your brand awareness, custom printed poly garment bag rolls make a good choice. These rolls are easy to imprint with the company’s name and logo. For this, customers need to specify the length and size of the bags that solve their purposes. When it goes to bulk order, our prices always remain competitive. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to our customer service specialists and get answers to your all questions.

Benefits with Garment Bags USA

  • Assured Quality: Whether a customer places an order for single garment bag rolls or for multiple rolls, we never compromise with quality. We value our association with all customers, therefore supply highly durable and the premium quality of plastic garment bag rolls that stay intact for years.
  • Affordability: Can you imagine our high-quality products fall in an affordable category? It is because we believe in offering value for money deal at the most competitive market rates. If you find the same quality anywhere at lower prices, we are ready to offer our international standard of garment bags at the same cost to you.
  • Timely Delivery: Delivering quality products within specified deadlines is our USP. This is our distinguishing feature and has been helping us to get more and more orders from every nook and corner of the USA.

Keeping clothes in quality plastic garment bag rolls is a crystal clear indicator that now you can buy expensive garments without worrying about moths, dust and other unwanted elements.

So, if you are looking for elegant storage solutions for keeping your clothes in an organized and ready-to-wear format, take a look at our poly garment bag rolls’ collection. Shop for them today and if you are unable to find the piece matching your requirement, give us a call without any second thought.