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Retail Clothing Racks

No one other than a clothing retailer or clothing manufacturing unit can better understand the importance of clothing racks. When a retail store keeps an extensive collection of males, females and kids’ apparel, the onus lies on displaying them effectively so that they look visually appealing. Retail clothing racks are must-to-have display fixtures in an apparel store for placing merchandise in an easy-to-grab manner so that both shopkeeper as well as shopper can browse. So, if you are looking for different materials, sizes and styles of clothing racks, Garment Bags USA can meet your all needs. We offer high-quality garment racks at affordable prices with a promise of fast doorstep delivery and rock-to-bottom price range.

Benefits of Using Retail Clothing Display Racks

Every boutique owner or a person dealing in garments is ready to invest his hard-earned money for purchasing clothing display racks. It is because he knows display racks are inevitable for highlighting their merchandise. Some of the benefits of using display racks for showcasing clothing items are:

  • They keep stock in an organized manner allowing customers to find items of their requirements easily.
  • Racks keep merchandise in a “ready-to-wear” format and allow shop owners to organize the merchandise quickly at the end of a day.
  • They are space-efficient, lightweight and easy to move from one place to another
  • They are inexpensive yet effective in highlighting merchandise during the sale or festive season.
  • The availability of racks in various designs gives freedom to showcase any merchandise in a creative manner.

At our leading online store, industrial customers will get high-quality store clothing garment racks that look aesthetically appealing and scores well on functionality and affordability.  We have been maintaining a stylish stock of garment racks that allow owners to display their merchandise innovatively.

Different Styles of Retail Clothing Racks:

  1. Half Round/Round Clothing Racks: These racks feature multiple hooks and use for displaying different items of clothing simultaneously. These racks are preferred choice of dry cleaners and boutique stores having a large retail space for displaying various apparel in different sizes. Lightweight clothes are the best to display on half or round clothing rack.
  2. Shelf Racks: Shelf racks are ideal choices for displaying clothes in a space-efficient manner. These racks have multiple layers for keeping either one clothing item of different sizes of different kinds of clothing items. These racks are commonly made from steel, plastic and wood.
  3. Single-rail clothing racks: These racks feature one single rail and are less voluminous, therefore used by boutique stores as these racks are space efficient. These racks are usually small in size and mobile also. Just like a single-rail, even multi-rail clothing racks display multiple clothing items in a better and easier manner.
  4. Rolling Garment Racks: Rolling garment racks are favourites of a retail store. These racks are cost-efficient, display various apparel items and easy to place anywhere. Most of these racks have casters that ensure smooth movement from one place to another. Smartly designed and sturdy, these racks feature heavy-duty steel to bear the weight of apparels.

Our retail clothing display racks not only exhibit well-balanced designs but made from durable materials that ensure continuous years of functioning. At Garment Bags USA, customers will find highly functional and stylish display racks in various materials:

  • Wood: Durable and sturdy, display racks of wooden material are resilient and fashionable as well. They can hold heavy-weight apparel with ease and give a vintage look to any store.
  • Plastic: Plastic racks are easy to find in the fashion industry. Availability in various styles, sizes and color, these racks are elegant, attractive and display all kinds of merchandise in an organized manner. Plastic racks with wheels are must-to-have accessory in a boutique and retail store of every size.
  • Metal: Metal racks are more resistant and sturdier than plastic racks and are ideal to showcase wooden clothing apparel. Having a shiny and attractive look, these racks are available in various sizes and styles and prove to be handy at multiple times.

At Garment Bags USA, we have been keeping highly functional stock of store clothing garment racks manufactured to the highest industry standards. Designed and manufactured with precision, every piece of clothing rack is competitive to display different merchandise neatly. If customers have customized requirements, we are ready to help them in a cost-effective manner. At our leading online store, customers will get benefit from browsing our retail clothing rack category either by material or by style. They can even shortlist the racks based on modern and vintage look.  So, increase the sale of your retail store by displaying garments in an organized and easy-to-view format.  Feel free to purchase garment racks from our online store at the most competitive price range and make your collection stand-out from the crowd.