Slotted wall standards offer endless perimeter wall product display cross merchandising system using hang rails, or shelving achieving eye catching focal point. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Slotted Wall Standards

If you want to use wall of your retail store as a productive element for showcasing merchandise, use slotted wall standards as a retail display fixture. These wall standards are vertical in shape and comprise metal strips commonly known as slotted or wall standards. A cost-effective alternative to Gridwall and Slatwall, these wall standards are popular amongst retailers owing to their modular design and sturdy steel construction. Not to mention, many retailers are switching from traditional wall display to aesthetically appealing and durable fixtures like slotted wall standards owing to cost-effectiveness. So, if you are looking for durable and high quality slotted wall standards and their related accessories, Garment Bags USA can help you.

We have been dealing with heavy-duty, medium weight and recessed slotted wall standards available in various sizes. Our heavy-duty standards have 1’’ slot and 2’’ ctr whereas medium weight standards have 1/2 ‘’ slot and 1’’ ctr. Each line comes with corresponding brackets for easy fitting of hang rails or shelving. 

Benefits with Slotted Wall Standards

In any retail environment, slotted wall standard shelving system remains omnipresent. It is because it ensures to use wall area of a store in the profitable manner. When these wall standards integrated with other retail display, they make maximum use of unused walls and provide a clear visibility of the merchandise. Specifically engineered for commercial use, these wall standards are highly adaptable and durable. Mounted directly on the wall, they are used with accessories like brackets, hangrails, etc., for showcasing both lightweight and heavyweight merchandise.

 Available in different weights, the simplicity of the slotted wall standards is winning the heart of retailers. By using a couple of shelf brackets, it exhibits an attractive display ideal for showcasing liquor bottles, pain cans, dinnerware sets, etc.  Besides shelf brackets and hangrails, laminated MDF shelves also look great with this kind of retail display. These shelves come in three shelf depths and with a standard thickness of ¾’’. Available in a variety of colors, 24’’ and 48’’ are two standard lengths of MDF shelves.

It is not wrong to say that the possibilities of retail store display with slotted wall standards are endless. They look great and can hold any item available for sale. So, if you are looking for cost-effective and durable wall standards in attractive finishing, you have come at the right place.

Choose Any Size as per Your Store Requirement

No need to stick with our standard sizes of slotted wall standards. We are competent to meet customized demands of our customers and thus ready to deliver them in various lengths and finishes. Though chrome finishing wall standards look attractive and go well with all kind of store’s décor, we are ready to suggest new finishing and length as per your merchandise.

Investing in high-quality slotted wall standards demand one time investment. It is because these standards are durable and keep displaying your merchandise for years to come! So, browse our collection and create a perfect display with our premium quality of wall standards. For placing a customized order, speak to our expert team.