Glass Showcase Cabinets

Retail store showcases for displaying jewelry, memorabilia, trophies or valuables in quality built tempered glass display cases in full vision, half vision, and 1/3rd vision. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Glass Showcase Cabinets

Are you here to feature your merchandise with high visibility?Our Glass Showcase Cabinets make great retail merchandisersand lobby fixtures. The cabinets are constructed with high-quality, durable tempered material that makes the contents easy to see through. Our wholesale glass showcase cabinetsare made with clear panels, shelves and doorsthat allowwares and collectibles to be viewed from various angles. The wide varieties of glass showcases cabinets are offered innumerous shapes and sizes to meet any organization's needs. When you visit Garment Bags USA, make sure you browse glass display cases with features such as nice built-in, secure locking doors,and adjustable shelving.

What are the Types of Fixtures We Offer?

Glass Showcases –Thetall tempered glass showcase cabinets are ideal for featuring your exclusive merchandise. This style features four to five shelves that can hold and display collectibles for all to see. Choose wide display cabinets to maximize your presentation potential.

Retail Counters – Our shorter cabinets are perfect for handling transactions in stores. The counters with a transparent merchandising area are the ideal option for featuring merchandise right by the checkout.

Wall Mounts – If you have space problem at your store, look for our wall mounted display cases. With this wall mounted fixtures, you can have a large area for holding wares and collectibles. Now you can easily create a special area for exhibiting your collection without consuming your floor space.

All of these cabinetsare made of high-quality, durable tempered glass. This is stronger than normal plate material, therefore, making it an ideal choice for retail stores and museums.In addition, because tempered glass that our cabinets are made ofis more durable, it takes much more stress to break.

Features that Come with Our Cabinets

What we ensure that our cabinets come with anti-theft locking doors. It protects high-value wares and artwork fromtheft. Moreover, the locking system ensures that only authorized employees will have access to the contents. Glass showcase cabinets with clear locking doors enable easy see through inside while preventing tampering and shoplifting.

Built-in illuminating putsproduct lines in the limelight. Also, adjustable shelving is great for accommodating large items that might doesn’t fit normally in other shelves or cabinets.Some models also allow you to remove shelving for more space creation while others have ledges that can be moved shifted or moved up or down.

Tempered showcase cabinets are the ideal combination in terms of visibility and safety. When it comes to marketing your offerings or showcasing your collection, choose these clear showcases from Garment Bags USA.

Besides offering "standard" secure showcases, we also offer a wide variety of dual access cabinets with anti-theft locks that can feature any combination of top/bottom or front/back locking mechanisms, depending on the case design. Considered as mostly sought after for retail or commercial environments, these store fixtures offer easy and flexible accessibility options. Our range of specialty merchandising displays requires specialty security fixtures. Furniture stylecabinets, memorabilia cases and other non-traditional showcase styles can add to the look of your retail outlet and their locking mechanisms are specifically designed for their specific functions.

Garment Bags USA offers the exclusive collection of widestvariety of secured and non-security cabinetry for commercial and professional use. From ready-made models to lightweight, collapsible displays, our wide range of inventory of fixtures and showcase is designed to meet the needs of stores, businesses, organizations,and more. With constant support and 24-hour customer service access and easy online ordering, our site offers one of the best selections of merchandisedisplay furniture in the industry.

Check out all of our custom creation wholesale glass showcase cabinets to build a comprehensive look that will make your store stand out from the competition!You can find the most affordable deal that will match your budget! All you can do is, take a virtual tour of our products range, make selection and place the order! We offer quality guarantee on all our products. We are confident you will find a perfect fit for your business. If at any time you wish to contact us or ask a question or offer help with a purchase, our supportive staff is here to help. Happy Shopping!