Specialty Garment Bags

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Printed Zippered Garment Bags

Who would like to see the expensive collection of jackets and suits going cramped inside a wardrobe? Or would you prefer keeping them in a wrinkle-free, neat and clean condition by using printed zippered garment bags? If you like maintaining your apparel in an organized manner, you would not think twice before buying garment bags. After all, they take special care of your apparel in the way they needed the most. A quality garment bag is a must-to-have wardrobe essential to keep your branded and expensive clothes dirt and dust-free. So, if you are looking for quality bags at the competitive rates, browse the exclusive collection of printed zippered garment bags of Garment Bags USA.

Our wide collection is ideal to store different styles and heights of clothing like suits, dresses, jackets and coats. Ideal for storing even long dresses, many zippered garment bags can accommodate multiple dresses at a time. It is an essential accessory not only at houses even at boutiques and retail stores to keep clothes in an organized manner. Moreover, transparent material provides a clear glimpse of the item from outside. These high-quality and functional garment bags are available in various colors, styles and lengths.

Peculiar Characteristics of Printed Zippered Garment Bags

These bags are made from different materials like 100 GSM non-woven polypropylene and clear vinyl plastic.  Clear vinyl plastic gives perfect visibility to garments from a distant place and non-woven fabric looks eye-catchy. A sturdy metal frame, high-quality & easy to pull zippers and reinforced stitching are some of the standard features of all zippered garment bags. Some other essential traits are:

  • Different fabrics of bags protect garments from moisture, dirt and dust.
  • The moisture-resistant zippers have an attractive look with bright colors
  • The water-resistant bags keep clothes in perfect condition during adverse weather conditions like rain and snow.
  • Eliminates the need for ironing as the bag keeps garments in wrinkle-free and ready-to-wear condition.
  • The durable and quilted fabric ensures optimum breathability inside the bag.
  • Some bags contain metal hooks that allow hassle-free hanging from the garment rack or closet rod.
  • These bags are lightweight and are available in attractive color ranges like black, white, light grey, etc.
  • A durable and easy-to-grab handle facilitates effortless transportation and handling on long distances
  • The standard sizes are 24’’*46’’, 27’’*48’’, 24’’*40’’ and 24’’*46’’.

Easy to Customize Garment Bags

The printed zippered garment bags are easy to customize as per customers’ specifications. We will not be surprised if any boutique store or film production house places an order for customized bags with the company’s logo or name imprinted on it. It is an ideal way to promote a brand amongst existing and targeted customers. So, place an order for customized bags with our online store after speaking to our specialists. Size, color, zippered style, pockets, etc., are few parameters on which the customizable options are available. If you want any other customization feature, feel free to discuss it with us.

Advantages with our Collection

  • We maintain an extensive variety of printed zippered garment bags. Thus, customers are bound to get their preferred style and size.
  • We offer high-quality bags at the most competitive rates.
  • We accept both retail and bulk orders from individuals and companies respectively.
  • We offer fast and reliable shipping services.
  • Customer-friendly return and exchange policies.
  • Availability of customization options at an added cost.

Shop with Confidence at Printed Zippered Garment Bags

If you give due importance to your clothing, then seeing them stored in a well-organized manner is definitely a source of happiness and satisfaction. At Garment Bags USA, we help you to achieve the satisfaction of the supreme level by offering different lengths and styles of zippered garment bags at attractive prices. If you take a look at our heavy-duty travel garment bags, then you will feel taking any expensive clothes to any place is an effortless task. Whether you are planning to attend a wedding or high-profile business meeting, simply pack your coats and business suits in these bags and take them anywhere with confidence. Moreover, when water-resistant and moisture-resistant bags are with you, why to worry about bad weather conditions?

Garment Bags USA is a leading name when it comes to garment bags. This is the main reason we have a wide assortment of bags like black vinyl garment bag, vinyl tuxedo garment bags, etc., in different sizes and colors. These bags are with and without pockets and ID card-holders. So, next time, if you are shopping for a wedding dress, jackets of coats, do not forget to purchase durable, lightweight and high-quality garment bags from our leading online store.

If you are facing any problem in finding the right size of the zippered garment bag for your extensive clothing line, speak to us today before placing an order.